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Gurgis Gutters in Kalispell is Locally Owned and Operated by Jeremy and Michelle Phillips

Rain gutters are important for several reasons.  The main reason is because they collect the water from your roof and carry it away from your house.  This helps prevent water in your basement or crawlspace.  Having water in either can lead to mold, rotten wood, or even foundation damage.  Also, water falling from your roof can cause landscaping damage as it cuts an even trench through your landscaping features.  Even on an upper roof that the water falls onto a lower roof it can cause premature shingle failure in the same way.  The water from the entire upper roof falls into one small line on the lower and washes the shingle granules off of the lower roof.  Water also can splash in this same scenario and cause siding damage from the moisture splashing onto it.  Remember,  new gutters are much less expensive than fixing siding or redoing landscaping! 

rain gutter basics a homeowner in montana should know

In Montana we have the most extreme conditions in the entire Country.  We have had temperatures as high as 118 degrees and as low as -70 degrees. That is 188 degrees of temperature swing and your gutters need to be geared up to handle it.  A Steel gutter system is the strongest and most suited for these conditions.  Steel gutters hold up to Ice and Snow as well as Hail storms and falling branches.  Also Steel gutters expand and contract with the temperature far less than others.  For instance,  if a gutter is installed when it is 0 degrees out it will expand every summer and contract every winter until the fasteners are loose in the fascia board and it falls off the house.  This happens more the longer the gutter is and much more drastically with other materials such as Aluminum.  Also this expansion and contraction is damaging to the sealant on any joints and causes premature failure.  

Seamless Rain Gutters in Montana?


Gurgis Gutters LLC installs seamless Steel gutters, Copper gutters, and Aluminum gutters in Kalispell Montana and all of Northwestern Montana.  We can do 5 inch residential or 6 inch commercial seamless rain gutters. We also do Half round gutters in 5 inch and 6 inch. We also do gutter repair. Call to schedule your free estimate today!


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charity, when you spend with us we help others!

We donate to charity in many ways.  In 2018  early in the year we said $650 worth of nonperishable food items to the Blackfeet Indian reservation, we also did a $500 donation to a young man who had been injured in an accident for the Evergreen lions. In 2017 we donated 2600$ in the form of a wireless security system as well as rain gutters, downspouts, and heat cable to the woodland Montessori school as well as a 500$gift certificate for their auction. In 2016 we have already done the Creston Fire dept gutter replacement for free.  This was an $850 job. We also donated a $500 gift certificate to the Evergreen Lions Club.  For 2015 we reached out to the Flathead Animal Shelter and offered to install gutters at no charge over the outdoor kennels where the dogs are.  Unknown to us they had a bunch of other work that needed to be done so we did it all and donated $1350.  In 2014 we helped out many different individuals in many ways and we also donated 600$ to a program for the Kalispell School District called Heart Locker.  It helps out children by giving them the essentials that the situation they are in may not provide.  We bought Hooded Sweatshirts, Socks and Underwear, Boots, and also easy to make food items.  In 2013 we did the Operation Finally Home house for the Wounded Warriors project in Kalispell 100% free.  We believe in helping others who have served and in helping our community.  We donate to school functions and other non-profit organizations.  If you know someone who needs a hand, from an organization or school to a veteran who could just use a little help, feel free to contact us! If there is something we can do you can count on us to do it.

Areas served in montana

We do rain gutters in the following towns and all areas in between: Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Hungry Horse, The Swan Range, Babb, Libby, Troy, The Yaak, Eureka, Plains, Polson, West Glacier, East Glacier, Fortine, Trego, and others.  

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we will give you a top quality installation

When choosing Gurgis Gutters LLC for your project you can be assured that we will do your job right.  Being as the owner of the company is always on site you can discuss any questions or concerns you might have right then and there.  We are always trying to do things in the best manner and if there is something we can do better we will do it. We carry a sheet metal brake in our truck to make any custom flashings that may be needed to ensure your system works properly and lasts.  I could write for days how many jobs we replace due to improper installation!  We are not going to point fingers in any direction about this,  we just are going to do the job right for the last time.  The most common thing we have to do is make and install counter flashing.  This is because the drip metal on 99% of all homes does not have a 45 degree kick out at the bottom.  This means that when the gutter is following grade towards the downspout and finally can no longer be tucked under the drip metal that water will run down the drip metal and behind the gutter.  This will rot the fascia boards.  This is when we get out a color matched roll of metal out of our trailer that matches closely to the color of your drip metal and run it through our metal slitter and then bend it in our brake to make the flashing.  We have installed thousands of feet of this and NEVER have any problems after this is done.  This also usually has to be installed on inside corners where the water tends to run heavily and get behind the gutter.  Many companies just use caulking but this only lasts a year or so.  By the time you notice it has failed the damage is already done.  We will not let this happen! We will do it right the first time and that will save you time and money in the long run.

locally owned and operated

Gurgis Gutters LLC is locally owned and operated by Jeremy and Michelle Phillips.  We are both born and raised in Kalispell.  We have been here doing gutters since 2008 and will be here to serve you in the future.  We can sell you new gutters and downspouts or service your existing system.  Please feel free to contact us and we will be right there to work with you throughout your project.

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