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These are an inside and outside Strip Miter cover we use.  This means there is only one seam at the corners and that means less possibility of leaks.

This is the style of Heat Cable Roof Mounting Clip we use.  This protects the cable from damage.

We use the best products available to give you the best job possible!

We use actual Gutter Sealant,  not Silicone!

This is the best product we have found.

Products we use

Here are some out the products we use and a few that we do not use

These are 4 of the Hanger types we use

    This is a standard Hidden hanger                This is a Strap Hanger for extra strength

This is a Rod and Nut hanger for roof               This is a Gem Circle fascia hanger for                                      

mount applications                                                Half Round gutters

Below is the style of downspout outlet we          Below is a T-Wedge to keep gutter plumb

use because its the largest opening                    when mounted on an angled fascia

Below is a standard Aluminum wedge for           

use when the strength of a T-Wedge is

not needed or to match existing wedges