​This is a leaky box miter.  Notice the ruined fascia!

spray paint

Touch up Paint is for touch up

We try whenever possible to order all of your accessories for your job in the correct color.  Sometimes this prevents us from being able to do the job on schedule due to back orders but in the long run it pays to wait.  Touch up paint fades after a short period of time and looks horrible.  There are a few accessories that only come in White color so when we use these we pre-paint them separately so as not to get overspray all over the rest of your material.  For the record we did not do this work!

​We do the job the right way.  Don't settle for anything less!

Improper hanger selection

Nailed Strap hanger under shingle

We do not mount the hangers under the roofing because a screw head is too tall and will poke up through the shingle and a nail will just work its way out. This is an old method and shouldn't be used.

Incorrect Flashing

Caulking back of gutter

Many times the length and grade of the gutter leads to the back of the gutter not being under the drip metal.  Many installers caulk this but it just rots the wood above the caulking and then rots the fascia board.  We do not do this! We install counter flashing with an extended drip edge to prevent water from running behind the gutters.  This picture shows the caulking method.

These Are A Few Products and Methods we do not use

Below we have a few pictures with a brief description of why do not use that product or that method of installation.

Box miters

We do not use these because they are made of light duty Aluminum and when even installed correctly they have 3 seams that can leak.  As you can see from the picture they are flimsy.

​For Gutter Installation

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aluminum gutters

Aluminum gutters will expand and contract more than any other material we have.  This is a picture of a 60 foot long gutter that has torn the Metal on either side of the fastener at the fascia board from expansion and contraction.  The rest of the gutter was falling off the house.