aluminum rain gutters

Aluminum is one of the most commonly used gutter materials today.  It is best suited for Coastal areas where Salt spray is in the air and can cause rust to Steel. Aluminum comes in more colors than any other material.  Sometimes we are forced to use Aluminum due to a color selection not available in Steel.  Aluminum gutters come in two thicknesses, .027 light duty material or .032 medium duty material.  There is no such thing as industry standard heavy duty Aluminum. A 50 foot long gutter made of Aluminum will expand and contract 5/8 of an inch in 100 degrees of temperature swing.  This movement will cause the screws at the hangers to come loose eventually and the gutter will start to come off the house.  See our Products or Methods we do not use page for an example of this.  Also this movement will cause premature failure of the sealant at any joints or corners.   Aluminum gutters do not hold up to Ice and Snow or Hail damage as well as Steel or Copper.  

Steel rain gutters

A Steel gutter system is the best you can get for our conditions in Montana.  It holds up to Ice and Snow as well as expansion and contraction much better than any other material.  A 50 foot long Steel gutter will expand and contract        5/16 of an inch in 100 degrees of temperature swing.  This means if it is installed when it is 50 degrees outside that it will only shrink less than 5/32 of an inch at 0 degrees and expand less than 5/32 of an inch at 100 degrees.  This is the optimal temperature for installing long gutters in Montana.  Also the new style paint and galvanizing process ensures your Steel gutter system will last many years to come.  We can do your project in the industry standard 26 gauge Steel or in the heavy duty 24 gauge Steel for added strength and durability.  Many installers do not like to work with Steel because it is harder to cut and work with, it is much heavier and harder to carry up the ladder,  and many of the older style roll forming machines will have to be adjusted to roll the material through.  We have a 2013 model New Tech Machinery gutter machine that will roll any available material so we can fit your needs and do the job right.  We are very used to working with Steel and recommend it on all gutter projects in Montana. 


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copper rain gutters

Copper is considered by most to be the best looking material on the market today.  It will enhance the beauty of your home and will last for many years to come.  We can fabricate your Copper gutters out of the standard 16 oz Copper material or the 20 oz Lifetime material.  We can solder your copper gutter system for long term durability. When installing Copper gutters and downspouts it is important to use Copper coated screws or Copper rivets to avoid corrosion. We can get you an array of hangers to beautify your Copper gutter system and many different types of Copper downspouts to compliment your Copper gutters.  

materials used

Materials to be used is probably the most important decision you can make when purchasing your gutter system.  Many people go on price, however the labor is a significant factor in the price.  This being said, you definitely want to spend the extra dollar if needed to get the right product that will last the longest and work the best.  For instance,  when using a Rod and Nut style hanger which is one of the most expensive hangers, the gutter hanger that holds up the entire system is held in place in the back of the gutter by one small sheet metal screw.  In Aluminum gutters these can tear out fairly easily.