We have been fortunate enough to get to install gutters systems on some of the finest projects in the Country.  Below are some pictures of my work.  All of the custom work is done by Jeremy Phillips, one of the owners.  We hand build hangers and custom gutters profiles like NO other.  If it can be done we can do it! EVERY one of the pictures below is of Jeremy's work.  Its hard to appreciate the difficulty of a square downspout without having tried to make one that has multiple bends,  and those all have to come out straight.... Or a hand cut inside corner in Copper half round....

Custom Gutter Projects

These gutters almost hang vertically!

Sometimes on Historical projects we have to follow a crooked roofline.  

These have a compound miter cut.  A seam has to be tight to solder. VERY difficult. You can see the clamp on the right side.  Im almost finished!!

Sometimes I have to make special tools.  

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Custom 20 ounce Quarter Round Copper gutter.  Made to last 100 years.  1/8" x 3/4" solid hangers.

​Soldered inside every foot.

I had to custom weld each hanger and use a special drill to install them.

This project was done with seamless 6 inch half round gutters made of 20 ounce Copper and a solid Copper Gem Circle hanger with a Brass spring clip.  Everything is soldered and all of the screws are either solid Copper Rivets with a Brass shank or Copper coated Steel screws.  This is the correct way to do it.  The downspouts are 4 inch  seamless Copper with smooth formed elbows.  

We also can custom bend downspouts seamlessly so they don't leak when run flat for clearance issues.

Here is a mock up of the square downspout.  Its all made from one piece.  

These four pics are of the cabins at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park